Important announcement

We are really looking forward to meeting everyone again, now that the world is steadily opening its doors. It is wondrous to see that we can now start having drinks together, a barbecue with friends & family and much more.

Unfortunately, GameForce won’t be a part of the celebrations yet. Even though everything is going smoothly and we would like to do it in October 2021, the reality is that we will need to look to 2022.

Plenty of partners and companies that would appear at GameForce have indicated that they (or their international main office) have decided to wait until next year to attend events.

Rest assured, 2022 is going to be the very best edition of GameForce we have ever done. We will use the extra time to create new things and bring additional attendees to the event. Get ready for the biggest gaming event Belgium has ever seen!

For those with a ticket of GameForce 2020, it will still remain valid for the next edition in 2022. You will receive an email from us with all the necessary info. If you would wish to cancel your ticket, you can do so via the contact form below or by sending an email to info@gameforce.be.

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